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Day, Evening, and Weekend appointments are available. We accept many insurance plans for individual therapy, psychological testing, and in some cases wellness workshops. Rapid Resolution Therapy is not covered by insurance however it is both a cost- and time-effective option  for those who haven't achieved the results they were looking for with traditional talk therapy and for those interested in achieving results quickly. 

Dr. Melissa Sharp & Associates Services

Individual and Family Therapy

POSITIVE AND LASTING CHANGE: Our mission is to help our clients create the positive and lasting changes that they are seeking. More Info

Psychological Testing

DIAGNOSIS THROUGH TESTING: We can help clarify a diagnosis through testing when it can not be determined with just a clinical interview. More Info


HAPPINESS AND EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Our workshops focus on many topics including relaxation skills, sexuality, healthy eating, infertility and much more. More Info


INDIVIDUAL AND COUPLES THERAPY: Let us help you understand and calm the emotional tidal wave of feelings that often accompanies infertility. More Info

Rapid Resolution Therapy

FAST, EFFECTIVE TREATMENT: Rapid Resolution Therapy™ is an innovative therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Jon Connelly. More Info


We accept most insurance plans. Additionally, on a limited-basis we offer a sliding fee schedule to clients who don't carry insurance.